Mounted RFID SmartReader Systems

Automatically locate, count, process and confirm inventory, assets, vehicles and people

Tempo Technologies can provide custom mounted RFID SmartReader solutions for almost any application.

As a certified distributor and installer of the world's most advanced mounted RFID hardware (a.k.a. fixed or stationary RFID readers), Tempo can handle everything from planning to configuration to deployment of custom mounted RFID hardware systems.

Our sophisticated RFID configuration software allows Tempo to implement large-scale or small-scale RFID reader installations in a fraction of the time, and at a lower cost, than RFID integrators.

Because our RFID SmartReaders are fully integrated with our SmartPart software, Tempo can provide a complete, flexible solution while avoiding the complications of custom integrations and without burdening your IT staff.

Benefits of Using Mounted RFID SmartReaders with SmartPart:

Stationary RFID SmartReaders can be deployed in or on: