Tempo’s high-tech, customizable tags, labels, locating beacons and sensors brings the Internet of Things to inventory and assets

TrackTags give organizations access to sophisticated ID, locating and sensor technologies to help users easily track, locate, organize and protect everything.

RFID Tags and Labels

Tempo can provide RFID tags and labels for almost any application, including custom tags to meet your organization's specific needs.

Selecting the best possible tag is critical to the success of any RFID project. Tempo's deep knowledge of RFID tags and extensive real-world experience helps take the guesswork out of RFID. This reduces time to launch, guarantees tag and hardware compatibility, and ensures optimal performance for maximum ROI.

Tempo’s strong global partner network of leading and speciality tag manufacturers allows us to offer an expansive portfolio of tags at factory-direct or wholesale pricing. As a result, Tempo can provide the best possible tags for each individual project with the most cost-effective pricing. This sets us apart from the competition.

Tempo can provide RFID tags in many shapes, sizes and other specifications, including:

  • Extremely durable and reusable RFID tags made of high-performance, crush-resistant materials
  • Lightweight, flexible RFID labels
  • Printable RFID labels
    • Tempo can also provide full RFID and barcode label printing solutions, including printers and printing software
  • Passive tags (without batteries) that can be read from up to 100 feet (30m) away
  • Miniature RFID tags for small tools and other small items
  • Tags for outdoor use and harsh weather conditions
  • Tags for challenging industrial environments, including exposure to:
    • High or low temperatures
    • Chemicals or liquids
    • Oil and grease
    • Dust, mud or salt
    • Vibration and impact
    • High concentrations of metal items
  • Tags for use on metal or non-metal materials
  • Tags with various attachment methods, including:
    • Adhesive, including peel-and-stick
    • Epoxy or glue
    • Zip-ties or twist-ties
    • Screws or rivets

Tempo RFID tags can help you track, locate, count and process:

  • Inventory items
  • Cases and pallets
  • Reusable containers
  • Molds and fixtures for manufacturing and fabrication
  • Tools and equipment
  • Trucks and trailers
  • Forklifts and other vehicles
  • Shelves, racks, bins and other storage locations
  • Building infrastructure components (HVAC, pipes, electrical and more)
  • Employees and more

Major international distributors and manufacturers rely on the SmartPart system to help them accurately and efficiently track, locate and process their inventory and assets.

Customizable Barcodes for Any Application

MiniMatrix Tags

Tempo can provide standard or custom 1D or 2D barcode labels in any volume to meet your needs.

Here is an example of a custom Tempo 2D barcode label:

MiniMatrix Tags are small, durable stickers that can attach to just about anything.  Every MiniMatrix Tag displays a unique 2D barcode.  Scan MiniMatrix Tags with your Android mobile device camera or with your TrackTablet’s integrated laser barcode scanner.

MiniMatrix Tags are waterproof and scratch-resistant.  They have an extremely strong adhesive that makes them difficult to remove.  


TouchTags are small, thin, flexible stickers that attach easily, safely and securely to any item. Every TouchTag is embedded with a tiny, scannable NFC chip that is encoded with a unique ID number.

TouchTags can be scanned with NFC-enabled Android mobile devices and tablets, or with Tempo TrackTablets. TouchTags also have unique camouflage designs that prevent thieves from recognizing them as high-tech ID tags.

SpotTags have an extremely strong adhesive that lets them attach safely, easily and securely to your items.

Two unique TouchTag designs for different uses and materials:
InvisiTouch TouchTags and IronSeal TouchTags

InvisiTouch TouchTags

InvisiTouch TouchTags are designed to attach to non-metal surfaces.  InvisiTouch TouchTags can be scanned on or through non-metal materials including wood, plastic, leather, nylon and synthetics.

TouchTags can be used in many applications across a variety of industries.

For example, in the music industry, InvisiTouch TouchTags can attach:

  • Inside the body of an acoustic guitar or acoustic bass
  • Behind the plastic back plates of electric guitars and electric basses
  • Inside the body, under the fingerboard or under the chin rest of orchestral string instruments
  • Under the thumb pads of bows
  • On or inside non-metal surfaces of guitar pedals, speakers, microphones, mixing boards and other equipment
  • On or underneath outer surfaces of non-metal instrument cases
  • To sheet music and books

IronSeal TouchTags

IronSeal TouchTags are designed to attach to both metal and non-metal surfaces.  IronSeal TouchTags are waterproof and can withstand cleaning with light soaps.

For the music industry, IronSeal TouchTags can even withstand repeated ultrasonic cleaning baths and standard brass instrument cleaning chemicals. They have been tested by industry experts and shown not to have any negative impact on the sound quality of instruments.

IronSeal TouchTags include false graphics to fool thieves.  The “Certified Authentic Original” graphics are designed to mislead thieves and to prevent them from attempting to remove your TouchTags.  Each IronSeal TouchTag displays an “Appraisal Code”, which is actually the unique ID number encoded in the tag’s NFC chip.

With the MusicLife app, InvisiTouch TouchTags can attach safely and securely to:

  • Brass and woodwind instruments
  • Any metal or non-metal case
  • Guitar pedals
  • Microphones, speakers, mixing boards and other sound equipment
  • Stands
  • Lighting equipment
  • Sheet music and books

With the SmartPart app, InvisiTouch TouchTags can attach safely and securely to:

  • Parts and materials
  • Cases
  • Tools and equipment

IronSeal TouchTags can replace barcodes in locations where they might be covered in paint or other liquids that can obscure barcodes, making them difficult to scan.

Note: TouchTags cannot be scanned through metal or carbon fiber.



With original graphics to make them look like fun stickers, SpotTags are actually highly camouflaged, scannable ID stickers.  Each SpotTag displays a unique pattern of dots that represents its unique ID code. SpotTags’ camouflaged design prevents thieves from recognizing them as identifiers.

Scan SpotTags with your Android mobile device camera or with your TrackTablet’s integrated laser barcode scanner.

SpotTags are waterproof and they have a scratch-resistant surface.  They have an extremely strong adhesive that makes them difficult to remove from your items.