About Tempo Technologies

Reduce Costs.  Increase efficiency.  Streamline workflows.  Prevent loss.

Tempo provides award-winning technology solutions that help organizations increase efficiency and productivity while reducing labor, material and downtime costs.  Tempo's RFID and barcode-based systems automate and simplify workflows such as locating, counting, processing and maintenance of inventory, assets and people.  Our customizable solutions increase accuracy and traceability while eliminating human error, confusion and paperwork.  

Track.  Locate.  Count.  Automate.

Tempo is your single-source provider for complete end-to-end solutions.

  • User-friendly, cloud-based mobile and desktop software that can integrate with ERPs and other platforms
  • Customizable SmartPart software conforms easily to your business requirements 
  • All-in-one rugged TrackTablets provide unrivaled mobile RFID, barcode and GPS technologies
  • Best-in-class RFID SmartReaders and portals automate locating, counting and processing
  • Full suite of customizable RFID and barcode tags for any application
  • Industry-leading RFID and barcode label printers, with printing software and setup support
  • Engineering, installation, deployment, maintenance, training and ongoing support services
  • Customer-focused model ensures success by providing customized solutions to meet your organization's requirements
  • In-house, U.S.-based engineering and software development team

SmartPart Enterprise Software

Locate, count, process and maintain inventory, assets and people

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Customizable RFID, barcode and NFC tags for any application

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All-in-one rugged RFID and barcode scanning tablet with GPS

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SmartPart is a revolutionary enterprise software platform that simplifies workflows such as locating, counting, processing and maintenance using powerful RFID, barcode and GPS technologies.   

SmartPart's unique, user-friendly design lets us easily customize its features, workflows and permissions to meet your organization's specific needs.  We will work closely with your team to learn your goals, pain points and business requirements.  Then we will launch custom, private SmartPart apps for your organization.  

SmartPart provides real-time data across all mobile and desktop devices while providing secure, real-time, cloud-based data storage and backup.  It also integrates easily with ERPs and other software.

We can even co-brand SmartPart to resell to your customers to help you to increase revenue and customer loyalty.  


  • User-friendly mobile and desktop apps 
  • Customizable to meet your organization's requirements for unlimited projects
  • Unparalleled RFID, barcode and GPS scanning, locating & processing features
  • Real-time cloud-based data syncs across all devices and users
  • Secure, automatic data storage and backup
  • Integrates easily with ERPs, MRPs and other software
  • Custom logs, reports and alerts / notifications
  • Co-branding and reselling options to increase revenue and customer loyalty

All-in-one rugged Android touchscreen tablets with integrated RFID, barcode and NFC scanning features.  Longest-range RFID reader available - up to 100 feet with our longest-range RFID tags!   Internal GPS allows for automated inventory and asset GPS location updates outdoors.    

TrackTablets are fully integrated with Tempo's SmartPart software, providing intuitive, user-friendly, customizable controls for its advanced features.  Includes unique features for locating items with RFID and GPS, cycle counting with RFID, and much more.  

TrackTablets provide everything your organization needs in a single rugged mobile device.  

Features Include:

  • UHF RFID scanner and locator 
  • Longest-range mobile RFID reader available, with unique RFID read range controls  
  • 1D/2D barcode scanner
  • NFC scanner
  • Rugged touchscreen that is readable in any environment, including bright sunlight
  • Extremely durable, waterproof, scratch-resistant and impact-resistant
  • GPS with unique satellite map-based inventory and asset locating features
  • Cameras, email apps, browsers, mobile device management, Google Play Services and other smartphone features included

Tempo offers an extensive suite of customizable RFID and barcode tags for any application, including rugged hard tags, flexible labels, printable labels and more.   

  • Long and short-range RFID tags and labels.  Quickly and automatically locate, count and process inventory, assets and people with RFID.   Tempo can help you transition seamlessly from barcodes - or from no tagging system - to RFID.  
  • Barcode tags and labels.  Linear or 2D barcode tags and labels, including printable or pre-printed tags.  
  • NFC tags.  “Touch” scan from up to 1 inch away materials using TrackTablets and standard Android mobile devices.