Fixed RFID SmartReaders and Portals

Automatically locate, count, process and identify inventory, assets, vehicles and people.

Tempo Technologies can provide custom RFID SmartReader solutions for almost any application. Tempo offers the world's most advanced RFID hardware. We can manage everything from engineering to deployment, as well as ongoing maintenance of custom RFID systems.

Our sophisticated RFID configuration software allows Tempo to implement large-scale or small-scale RFID reader installations in a fraction of the time, and at a lower cost, than RFID integrators.

Because our RFID SmartReaders are fully integrated with our SmartPart software, Tempo provides a complete, flexible solution without interrupting your operations or burdening your IT staff.

Benefits of Using RFID SmartReaders with SmartPart:

  • Continuously count inventory, assets and vehicles without the need for human counters
    • Reduce labor costs
    • Reduce counting and location errors
  • Identify where individual inventory items, assets, vehicles and people are located in real time and historically
    • Eliminate missing items and man-hours wasted on searching
    • Reduce machine downtime
  • Create alerts and automatically log when items or people enter or leave specific areas
    • Automatically update item status or delete inventory
    • Prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas
    • Track when items are ready to ship, process or stock based on location
  • Track and log items being loaded onto and off of vehicles
  • Track and log items as they move along production lines
  • Automatically trigger physical actions such as printing labels, opening doors, etc.  
  • Trigger lights, buzzers and other indicators to confirm items or indicate errors
  • Alert users when items skip a processing step or complete workflows out of order
  • Send email alerts to selected users for specific events

RFID SmartReaders can be deployed on:

  • Dock doors to monitor ingress and egress of vehicles, inventory and people
  • Assembly lines
  • Trailers and vehicles to monitor and log inventory and assets being loaded, transported and offloaded
  • Doorways
  • Shelves, racks and other storage areas
  • Forklifts, sideloaders and other vehicles
  • Loading and shipping areas
  • Outdoor yards
  • Greenhouses and growing operations